Amazing day in an empty Versailles

In July, I had a few weeks off from work. I spent a week with my family since I hadn’t seen them since February and then spent some quality time in Paris.

It’s no secret that I am fascinated with Marie-Antoinette, and when my friend Pauline asked me if I wanted to go to Versailles with her, I jumped on the occasion to finally go back to the Trianon. Last time I went there was in 2013, you can read my previous article here.

We went on a Friday and we were lucky enough to feel like we were the only ones there. It gave me a great opportunity to finally try out my new camera in the ‘wild’, and I’m quite satisfied with the pictures I took that day. I finally was getting back to taking pictures!

We first took a stroll in the Gardens and as you can see : it was empty. No excessive crowd, not a soul in sight. We wanted to check out a specific part of the gardens, and so I started taking pictures.

The beauty of emptyness.
Bosquet des Bains d’Apollon, Versailles

This is the Bosquet we wanted to see, it’s the Bosquet des Bains d’Apollon which was built from 1778 to 1781 by Hubert Robert (such a French name!). The statues represent Apollon and five nymphs. Which you possibly don’t know is that the statue of Apollon share physical traits with … Louis XIV. Oh, the ego of this King will never cease to amaze me.

Next was The Domaine du Trianon. It is generally less crowded that the main Palace, but it doesn’t mean it’s not stunning, I’d rather spend my day there than the palace if I’m being honest.

So proud of this one!

And then, here I was again. At the Temple de l’Amour (Temple of Love) . This is one of my favorite part of Versailles. This temple calms me down. What a treat to be here.

The Hameau de La Reine (Queen’s Hamlet) was built specifically for Marie-Antoinette. She wanted a place where she could escape the royal life and be free, you can see some parts of it in the Coppola movie. It’s really weird to think there’s a farm inside Versailles.

I hope you liked my post, I just wanted to share with you how pretty Versailles can be, and make you want to go there (when it’s safe to travel of course!).

My pictures were also published (and featured!) on Exposure.

9 thoughts on “Amazing day in an empty Versailles

  1. The light in these pictures is incredible. Gives me vibes right out of a Joe Wright movie <3 It must have been so precious to see this place less crowded as it usually is. I've been there when I was a child but don't have a lot of memories of the place ; you make me want to discover Versailles again!

  2. Quelle joie de découvrir de nouveaux billets sur ton blog <3

    Tes photos sont magnifiques, et ça devait être une expérience vraiment particulière de pouvoir visiter Versailles sans la foule habituelle. Merci pour le partage et la visite virtuelle !

    (et je suis impressionnée du rendu aussi bien sur les plans serrés que plus larges, c'est sublime ! Je pense que je vais m'offrir cet appareil après mon anniversaire ^^)

    1. Ooooh merci Aline, tu es un amour <3

      Je suis trop contente que ça te plaise !! J'ai vraiment envie de reprendre ce genre de post où je fais (re)découvrir des coins de Paris, touristiques ou non.

      (hiiiiiiiii tu me diras !! C'est quand ton anniversaire du coup?)

      Merci de ta gentillesse <3

      1. Ah chouette si tu reprends ce genre de billet, j’adore suivre tes pérégrinations parisiennes ! Tes photos dégagent toujours une atmosphère pleine de douceur et de calme, ça donne envie de venir s’y balader <3

        C'est le 5 novembre, j'ai informé ma famille et mon mec qu'ils peuvent m'offrir des bons cadeau pour le magasin de matériel photo :p J'ai hâte ^^

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