Having quiet moments in London

London - Candice Lesage

In late October I had the chance to go back to London for the umpteenth time.


I hopped on a train at seven-something in the morning and already felt like I was really going to enjoy my trip. I was on a journey to a long-awaited adventure. The end of the year was quite chaotic and I was really looking forward to going back to the city that, even being super busy, helps ease my mind.

London always had and always will have a special place in my heart because of its beautiful architecture, the nice people there (and their accent of course!), and the many cultural places there is there.


This time around was focused on: museums, bookshops, a mystical place, parks (it was Autumn! Leaves everywhere! The dream!) and coffee shops. To be short: the main things I love in life. It was the first proper time that I went to London in Autumn, and it was everything I have ever dreamt of. Truly, I was amazed at how pretty it was.

The first day mainly consisted of drinking lots of coffee – the first one at the National Gallery Café –  going to museums, walking to the Temple Church (Da Vinci Code!!), walking some more, buying books (of course, that’s a given if you know me that while in London, I will buy all the books). And, of course, resting because the next day was going to be a long one… I’ll tell you more about it in another article ;-).



4 thoughts on “Having quiet moments in London

  1. Londres est sublime en automne, je confirme. J’ai le souvenir de lumières extraordinaires les 2 dernières fois que j’y suis allée (en automne à chaque fois). Dans quelle(s) librairie(s) vas-tu ? Nous donnerais-tu quelques adresses ? J’y vais dans 3 semaines et je meurs d’impatience 🙂
    Merci pour tes photos et tes mots.

    1. Merci à toi pour ton commentaire! J’allais faire un article plus détaillés sur mes bookshops préférés là-bas (car depuis Octobre j’y suis retournée début Janvier pour une journée ahah!)
      Je te conseille : Foyles, Daunt Books (celui de Marybelone surtout), Persephone Books 🙂
      N’hésites pas !

      1. GENIAL, merci ! Je vais toujours un peu aux mêmes endroits, donc je suis ravie d’avoir de nouvelles adresses 🙂 Il me semblait bien (à voir ton instagram) que tu y étais retournée ! 🙂 Merci les promos eurostar..!

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