Sense & Sensibility, a new day

I can’t believe I’m finally putting this out there, after a few months – oh sorry, it’s almost been a year – thinking about it, brainstorming, working on it… I’m delivering a baby, a new version of my dear old blog.
Writing on the internet has been part of my life for half of it; I began writing on my blog at the age of eleven, right when I started crafting my own websites. Time does fly by quicker than you realize!


New cycles have always been very dear to my heart, accepting change, learning from my mistakes; it’s part of life. I have said it a couple of times before, but the last two years have been a hell of a ride, however, in the end it’s been a good one. An unexpected, breath-taking and life-changing ride.


I took on more responsibilities at work, and yes, it’s been really stressful but I think (?) I’m proud of what I have accomplished. My creativity has been improving as well, I’m even more critical about design and photography now!

So what I have been up to these past few months ?

Well, first of all I’ve launched my photography portfolio. Like I said last year, I’ve really tried to take more pictures. Photography has been my hobby for twelve years now and I really missed it. I’ll post some on the blog real soon 😉


….Therefore, I’ve opened my very own Etsy Shop, I’m selling fine art prints! It felt really weird (but a good kind of weird) the first time I had an order and saw my pictures on real paper… but it made me utterly happy!

Will I post more often?

One can only dream that yes – I’ll be able to post more often and share with you more travel adventures, more pictures from my little walks & also thoughts about life in general. Big news, I’ve also imported all my book-related content on Sense & Sensibility, so expect more bookworm madness!

Do I have other projects?

Hell yes! Life’s not complete for me if I don’t have any side projects… I’ve started two new projects and can’t wait to talk more about it with the lots of you!

I guess that’s it! If you have any more questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave one below! I’ll see you very soon…


Candice Lesage - Sense & Sensibility

10 thoughts on “Sense & Sensibility, a new day

  1. C’est super ! J’étais passée à côté de ça, tu as bien fait d’en reparler sur Twitter 🙂

    Comme toujours, c’est beau, simple et classe. Et je me réjouis vraiment que tu te remettes à publier.

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