Pastel Interior Inspiration : Living Room

One of the great news I was talking about the other day is that … I’m getting my very own flat in Paris!  My books and I will move in July, and I could not be more excited about it. Therefore, it means that I have to – yes I have to- spend a lot of time on Pinterest and blogs looking for decoration inspiration… wow… I know… such a painful task.

Here’s a few selection I found that made me really feel like I could feel at home in one of these living room pictures. I love the Scandinavian feel with a touch of pastel colours; it’s exactly what I am aiming for my little home.

I will obviously keep you updated on my home decoration. It’s such an exciting news I’m happily sharing with you. Moving in Paris means I will have less commute time so more time for myself, for writing, for reading, for enjoying life. It’s something I have wanted for quite a time now, but I needed time to feel ready. I’m sure that in the future I will write an article about living all by yourself, how to deal with loneliness or how not to end up every night eating frozen yogurt in front of Bridget Jones. Until then, please enjoy these interior pictures!

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Living Room Inspiration - Sense & Sensibility Living Room Inspiration - Sense & Sensibility

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