Pretty Covers #1

One of the most famous idioms in the world is “You don’t judge a book by its cover” …

However, I’m not going to lie to you, I do like aesthetic things and most certainly pretty covers.
It takes the longest of time for me to choose the perfect edition for any book I pick up, online or in a bookstore. I have to consider all options and decide which cover will fill me with the most emotions.

Superficial ? Maybe. Pleasing ? Absolutely.

I have chosen two books that I find absolutely gorgeous. Both stories are dear to me (The Secret History review will be online soon, and let me tell you it’s one of my favourite books ever.) So I’m going to praise it a lot), and both were bought the same day in Galignani in Paris, and that makes them extra special to me.

F.Scott Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise”  (bookdepositorygoodreads) & Donna Tartt’s brilliant “The Secret History” (bookdepositorygoodreads).

I know that The Secret History has a very simple & classic look, but the font and the soft black cover intrigued me. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Pretty Covers #1 - The Beautiful Stillness

3 thoughts on “Pretty Covers #1

  1. I remember spending DAYS choosing which edition of Moby Dick and Dracula I was going to buy… And I look through all the editions on Amazon to find the one I like most, even if it is an out of print one from the 70s or something.

  2. Oh how I loved “The secret History” It remains one of my all time favourite books, it’s just marvelous ! I have not yet read that other book but I love the way it looks too, so beautiful !

  3. I totally agree, these covers are gorgeous. I loved The Secret History too, and I’m currently reading This Side of Paradise, so what a coincidence!

    Discovered your blog today by the way, and it’s wonderful 🙂

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