On Reading Challenges

Reading Challenge in 2015 - The Beautiful Stillness

In January 2014 I pledged to read 52 books, one book per weeks. Seemed really doable. By the end of January, I had already read 15 books; and in early June I had reached my goal, which I pushed to 75 books.

In total, I read 83 books (or 24019 pages) in 2014. Which is quite a lot knowing that I’m working full time in an office.

In 2015, I don’t know if I’ll be able to read as much; I’ve decided to not put a lot of pressure on my self. I’d love to take more time to write, play music, do some lettering … so I have to cut back on reading a little.

So…in 2015 I pledge to :


– Read 52 books. It’s ok if I don’t reach my goal though.
– Read at least one graphic novel
– Do read-along with my friend Marion @ The Illiterate Reader
– Read at least three « classics »
– Reduce by half (at least) my physical TBR pile. It’s definitely going to be the hard one of the list.
What are you reading goals this year ? Do you have any other challenges ?

8 thoughts on “On Reading Challenges

  1. That picture is to die for! Please teach me lettering someday 🙂
    As for my goal, I’ve set it to 20 books this year, and it’s quite high for me already!
    I’m sure you will complete yours anyway!

    1. Oh my, thank you dear! I’ll give you some lessons over a cup of tea <3
      It's something you'll manage, I saw you enjoy more and more reading in 2014 so I feel pretty confident that you'll succeed again this year.

      Aw <3

  2. No reading goal for me this year, I already have to many stuff planned (I want to do yoga every day, I want to get my splits, I want to eat ealthier…). But trying to read some of the books I’ve bought last year seems reasonable !

    For the graphic novel, just ask if you need some recommendations !

  3. We should try and compile a list of books that we want to read together.
    I am with you on the TBR thing. I really need to bring mine down as well, it is getting really out of control and now guilt is taking over.
    I didn’t know that you had Brave New World, this is an interesting cover, and Léa is right, the picture you took is super pretty!

  4. Whoa, that’s a lot of books! I sure want to read a lot more this year, reduce my TBR pile and read more classics but I guess my first book-related resolution is to avoid buying books compulsively while I still have a lot of books waiting at my desk! 🙂

    See ya,

  5. I didn’t make any resolutions but reading more and starting to reduce the TBR pile are good ones to begin the year. But don’t ask me to stop buying books!
    Books are my drinks. My cigarrettes. My going out clubbing. My… well, I’d better shut up.

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