Films in autumn.

Films to watch in autumn

Autumn is definitely my favorite time of the year to watch films.

Every single year I re-watch some of my favorites, I just love having hot cocoa, under my plaid and watching them. There’s something peaceful about it that I can shake off. Here’s a list featuring some of my favorites to watch anytime during the day.

1- The Craft. The best 90s film about witches there’s out there. A+ for Campbell acting and Tunney’s wig. Oopsie, I lied about the last one 😉

2- Matilda. As a kid, I surely did identify myself to Matilda, I – just like her – loved spending time reading. Hilarious scenes, perfect for a sunday afternoon.

3- Practical Magic. The ultimate guilty pleasure. Sandra Bullock is always on point. Love the fact that’s it’s based on sisterhood and women. There’s a little witch in all of us.

4- Ever After. I don’t know why I only watch this when it’s autumn, but it’s a lovely love story, quite cheesy but hey, I love a good romance story!

5- Funny Face. I had to have one of Audrey’s film in that list, such a great & lovely actress that I adore as you may have noticed in the past !

6- Autumn in New-York. Obvious choice right? Winona Ryder, tears, New-York and autumn. It screams « Candice is going to love it so much, it’s going to be ridiculous ». Have your tissue box near you, because this one is definitely the tear-jerker of the list!

7- You’ve Got Mail. Books, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, NYC. Do I need to say more, or are you already convinced? One of the best romantic comedy there is. Nora Ephron, you are definitely missed.

And the new one that I just welcomed into the family :

8- Maleficent. I watched it for the first time recently and it has been amazing. I won’t go into much details because it’s recent and I don’t know if everyone has seen it, but it’s definitely worthy!

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