Postcard From 2013


I love it when I’m working in my bed (how can I really work in my bed, one might wonder) and she’s sleeping by my side. It’s one of the little things that make life great; having a cat, two cats.

Lately I have started to notice the moments that makes me feel complete, or one might say « infinite ».

Listening to “Explosions in the Sky” in the train, my head resting on the window as the landscape changes.

Reading a book and falling in love — like I can’t stop myself reading it — and just enjoying it fully.

Walking at almost nine in the morning to the train station, the fields still cold with the sun hitting my face.

Noticing that spring is almost here; as much as I love snow and winter, I’m sick of grey sky and rain.

Drinking a strawberry organic white tea and writing my thoughts.

The list goes on, perhaps I shall share it completely with you one day.

By the way, this picture was taken with my brand new camera, a shiny Canon 7D. I’m still selling my former gear if someone is interested.

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