Sophie Dahl for Aubin & Wills

One of my favourite british people is Sophie Dahl. I found her very pretty and natural, I love her style (and her husband – hee so much love for Jamie’s music!); she has that English Rose look going on that I adore so much. So when I heard that she was the new face of Aubin & Wills, I knew I’d love the pictures

These pictures are amazing, the light, the freshness (if I may say), the softness … I love it ! Regarding the clothes, I love the brand, so it’s not really coming as a surprise when I say that they are beyond perfect, right? I love the beige coat and the blouse with little foxes. Need these items in my closet, especially since I acquired a wine red pair of pants (yes since that post I bought a lot of new things!), that would be so lovely all together !

There’s also a little film that I will put at the end of the post. Hope you’ll be  inspired for autumn looks as much as I’m.

Sophie Dahl - Sense and SensibilitySophie Dahl - Sense and Sensibility
Sophie Dahl - Sense and Sensibility
Sophie Dahl - Sense and SensibilitySophie Dahl - Sense & Sensibility
Sophie Dahl - Sense and Sensibility
Sophie Dahl - Sense and Sensibility
Sophie Dahl - Sense and SensibilityAnd here’s the film :
Aubin Autumn 2012 from Aubin & Wills on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “Sophie Dahl for Aubin & Wills

  1. J’adore cette marque!!! (Au cas où ma réponse sur Twitter ne t’avait pas convaincue). Le seule problème majeur, c’est le prix. C’est un peu une marque de luxe. Mais pour les t-shirts que j’ai par exemple, oui il m’ont coûté cher, mais 1. ils sont trop méga beaux, et 2. j’ai jamais eu de t-shirts faits dans une matière aussi confortable.
    En plus des prix des vêtement en eux-même, le prix de la livraison vers le continent européen te donne juste envie de mourir… :'(

  2. […] After modelling for Aubin & Wills, Sophie Dahl gave birth to her second child with her husband Jamie Cullum and now she’s about to launch her capsule collection for Brora, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the British Brand. […]

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