London : life is brighter

This happened. Honestly, I can’t believe it has.

I went to England, and more precisely to London. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with the United Kingdom, British culture etc; even though I had never been there. So, last week Antonin and I went to London on a beautiful trip for his 25th birthday.

We took the coach (thanks to Eurolines) on Tuesday (at 11pm) and arrived at London at 5am .. yes .. Nevermind the lack of sleep, the thing is that the minute the coach was in England, I knew it.  I could feel it, everything was so different. Life was brighter. Funny thing to say, knowing that I love my country and Paris.

London, Day One
(yes doing it the french way, red beret and baguette from Paris in my luggage!)

We went to St James’s Park, Green Park and Hyde Park in the morning. Nobody was there except some people doing their morning jogging. A little while after there were so much people in the streets; people speaking ENGLISH, with a flawless accent. I couldn’t stop saying to Antonin ‘oh my god, I’m in heaven’. We had to wait ’til 2pm to go to the hotel for our luggages,so we wandered in the streets we were tired but we enjoyed our walk and I was able to took a lot of pictures (thank you again Antonin for carrying the luggage).

After going to the hotel, we decided to explore our neighborhood (Victoria, let me say that I love it!), and we finish the day eating Cadbury chocolate near the Thames with Big Ben watching over us.

We walked a LOT that day, I never thought that my feet could hurt that much !
What a day … to be continued. In the meantime hope you’ll like my photographs. Sorry, there’s a lot of them eh !

London, Day OneLondon, Day OneLondon, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One
London, Day One

17 thoughts on “London : life is brighter

  1. Très jolie photos. Le coup de l’accent anglais à tous les coins de rues ça me rappelle la première fois où j’y suis allé, entendre parler anglais partout c’était trop bien !

  2. There can never be too many pictures when it comes to London. And definitely not if they’re as gorgeous as these.
    I love Victoria, it’s such a lovely neighborhood. And also extremely handy to go see Wicked… (yes, I take my job with me everywhere).
    Looks like you had a lovel time. I’m looking forward to more!

  3. God, I tottally understand you! I’ve always been stuck with England since I was very young and I’m sure I’d have the same reaction as you!! I seriously think I wouldn’t be able to leave…

  4. Tiens, c’est marrant, mon copain m’a aussi emmené à Londres pour mes 25 ans. On aurait presque pu s’y croiser. Tes photos sont sublimes! J’ai déjà envie d’y retourner, quelle ville magique!

  5. Ahhh I love how you’ve captured my city, it’s easy to overlook the beauty sometimes when you’re more stressed about getting around. I would be the exact same way in Paris!

  6. I’m from England, and I’m so used to seeing these post but about Brits visiting Paris! It was so so lovely to hear someone else perspective on my country. Really gorgeous post! Made my heart soar, I love London too. <3

  7. Je n’irais peut être pas jusqu’à dire que j’ai attendu ce récit de Londres comme le Messie mais…bon d’accord, si, comme le Messie 😀
    Depuis le temps que tu nous en parlais, qu’on savait pertinemment ton amour inconditionnel pour cette chouette ville que semble être Londres (et j’imagine, que n’y étant jamais allée, je suis bien loin du compte! 😉 )
    Un vrai régale pour les yeux, tes photos transpirent la douceur, la légèreté, l’envie de s’y engouffrer 🙂
    But, really ? “a lot of them eh !”; mais il n’y en a jamais assez !!
    Encore ?

    <3 Candoodoo !

  8. Et tu réalises mon rêve, partir en Angleterre. Sauf que pour moi ce serait Manchester et non Londres. En tout cas les photos sont sublimes, surtout la deuxième. Il y a une teinte très pâle qui donne cet impression de rêve éveillé, de paradis, comme tu le décris avec les mots. Sympa.

  9. These pictures are so lovely! I completely get what you meant about London and the UK, I’m such an anglophile and I was so happy that I got to visit London earlier this year. Paris is beautiful too, though! I love your blog, by the way, I’m looking forward to seeing more posts 🙂

  10. Looks like you’ve managed to capture some great parts of London! I’ve literally just been to Paris and felt equally captivated by it! We walked miles in Paris, but I always walk loads in London too. You can walk for hours but you always end up in the most beautiful places!

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