London : I walked for miles and miles and miles

Day two from our trip to London with Antonin.

That day we woke up especially early (my phone was all messed up), we had breakfast at the hotel, and went for a walk. We decided to go shopping and to Abbey Road.

Obviously, we were so naive to think that we could walk from Victoria to Oxford Street and then go to Abbey Road…

We went first to Buckingham because I wanted to see it in the daylight and to have a picture of me in front of it. So magnificent!

London Day Two London Day Two

Then we took our daily  walk in St James (favourite park in the world!) and stumble upon the Royal Guards! I’m so obsessed with them, it’s mainly because of the episode where Mr Bean takes a picture with one of them, this the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

We walked a lot then we had lunch at Eat near Piccadilly Circus (I think).

Then I went to Monki not far from here, and finally arrived at the craziest street I’ve ever seen. I’m used to Paris and the Champs Elysées, but boy, Oxford St was INSANE. Too many people !! We had a break at Eat in the Topshop building, and after going to Primark (I love it!) we decided we were not going to Abbey Road because we were exhausted. So we took the bus (for the first time of the trip) back to Victoria. I loved the bus .. oh the car rouge!

London Day Two London Day Two

After taking a shower and a nap, we went to the supermarket near the hotel and we had so much fun ! So many good cheese, bakeries and stuff! The weather was beautiful so we decided to go to St James for a little picnic under the sunlight … so romantic and perfect.

I really had a great day, really. Weather was perfect, so were the people we met.

Last part of the trip really soon!


11 thoughts on “London : I walked for miles and miles and miles

  1. Piccadillus? Un cousin de Piccadilly Circus?
    Pour ma part, je hais Primark. C’est toujours trop blindé de monde, et comme fouiller dans le bazar pour trouver des fringues ça me sort par les yeux, je suis très peu allée à Primark.
    J’ai jamais mangé à EAT par contre. J’ai toujours opté pour Prêt-à-Manger que j’adore.

  2. I agree that Oxford St is insane! I was in London several weeks ago and people where everywhere. I thought Los Angeles was congested, but dear oh dear! Traveling certainly demands tons of walking, but unfortunately I can barely keep up hehe! It looks like you had a great time! x

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