Ten Things you don’t know (yet) about me.

I was thinking I could perhaps tell you ten things about me and in return you could tell me ten things about you in the comments ? That’d be great !

1- I used to make pixel art when I was younger. I even won a contest !
2- I talk to myself in English … and I even talk to my cats in English. – I’m french, but I’m sure everyone knows it !
3- I’m self conscious about my English accent.
4- I’ve been drinking coffee for almost ten years, I tried to quit but I can’t. Well, well, well.
5- The first English book I read was Harry Potter, I read it in three days and I was so proud of myself ! Since then, I only read in English.
6- I easily cry, it’s quite embarrassing. The other day I cried at the theatre because they were showing the ‘Titanic 3D’ trailer. boo.
7- I can read in a crowded place, I don’t care about the noise.
8- I’m always obsessed with something. See my last obsession.
9- I enjoy spending time alone, however it doesn’t mean I want to be alone all the time.
10- I used to be quite shy, but I’m working on that ;).

Surface sensible
Thank you Margaux for this pretty picture. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Ten Things you don’t know (yet) about me.

  1. You should show me your pixel art work ^^ ! And HP is also the first book I read in English… but I guess it must be the same for many French people.
    Oh and sorry, I don’t really have 10 interestings things to say about myself =/

  2. 1. I am obsessed with reading, and love to talk books with any willing participant.
    2. I’m a perfectionist, and as a result I’m very hard on myself… 🙁
    3. I play the piano and the saxophone.
    4. My dream is to become a published author, but at the moment I am training to be an English teacher!
    5. My favourite band are The Cure, and I am so desperate to see them that it makes me cry.
    6. I am also incredibly emotional, and cry at the drop of a hat.
    7. I drink a lot of tea.
    8. I wish I could speak a foreign language fluently (French or Spanish), but sadly I lack the motivation to teach myself… 🙁
    9. I have a lovely boyfriend of over four years who I adore.
    10. I have blonde hair but have always dreamed of being a red head (though I’m too scared to dye my hair!)

    🙂 xx

  3. I can’t think of 10 things, but I’m very self conscious about my French accent. I refuse to speak French to anyone French when I’m in England (though, when my flatmate uses a French expression or says something to me in French without remembering she lives in England now, I’ll automatically reply in French). I’ll do it in France, as people see me as foreign and I warm up into it after being home for a few days. I can also read in crowded places without minding the noise!

  4. 1. I fear never finishing all the books and TV shows I’m behind on.
    2. I’m self-conscious of my Spanish accent.
    3. I’m a perfectionist, which bites me in the butt a lot.
    4. I’ve slowly learned to let go.
    5. I, too, can read in a crowded place. I really can read anywhere.
    6. I can’t get my nails perfectly shaped
    7. I need a good nap.
    8. I’m fiercely protective of my friends.
    9. My favorite color is dark purple (or as my friends and I have dubbed it Durple)
    10. I would love to live abroad.

  5. A minuit vingt sept, je ne peux décemment pas écrire un commentaire en anglais. Je n’ai qu’une chose à dire : REMBOURSEZ ! Je savais toutes ces choses sur toi, je me sens lésée !

    Bisous bisous mon Ariel !

  6. What a lovely photo!
    I also think and read in English (though my first language is Spanish)- I find it a little weird sometimes but it feels weirder if I try to do it all in Spanish. I can also read in crowded/noisy places- it’s ‘crazy’ when you kind of ‘snap out of it’ and the world gets a little louder!

  7. You shouldn’t be conscious of your English accent, the French have cool accents! Ha ha 🙂 Wow who knew you made pixel art? Maybe you should make a blog post on that, it would be great to see your old work.

  8. in some ways you sound a lot like me, haha!
    1. i think in both english and finnish, which can get a bit confusing. (i consider myself a finn, though my dad was english)
    2. i read pretty much all the time and i, too, can read nearly anywhere.
    3. i love cooking, mainly sweet stuff, but i’m incredibly fussy with food.
    4. i cry at movies etc but seldom in a real cry-worthy situation, haha.
    5. i like to list things!
    6. i’m really shy when it comes to speaking foreign languages, unless it’s to someone i don’t know.
    7. paris is my favourite city, but i haven’t been there which makes it just silly.
    8. i like being alone, often for longish periods of time.
    9. at the moment i’m obsessed with hitchcock’s films.
    10. right now i should be revising maths.

  9. one) i am of French descent
    two) my favourite flowers are magnolias, orchids, and japanese cherry blossoms
    three) i visited india for the first time after the new year; it is my home now
    four) i once had a muse
    five) though an amateur, i adore makeup artistry
    six) i think audrey hepurn is the loveliest
    seven) brit lit/culture/history are my favourites
    eight) they say i look like marion cotillard
    nine) i write real letters and have kept pen-and-ink journals for five years
    ten) though i love art, design, and fashion, my ambition is social justice and human rights advocacy

  10. 1. I love to read since I am a little girl!
    2. started reading in english and I am proud of myself, that I do it so easy…
    3. Addicted to cake, icecream & pudding! The best is an Eclaire!!!
    4. In love with historical movies
    5. love my work, will never do something else
    6. hate sundays
    7. love breakfast
    8. sun is my energy
    9. wanna go back to Australia and live there for a while
    10. cry at all happy ends in movies
    such a lovely idea this blog post! go on with this…

  11. 1. I’m calm but impatient
    2. Most spiders don’t scare me
    3. I am addicted to too many social networks
    4. I never was in New York. One day I will travel across America.
    5. I don’t like sunbathing, but I like hot temperatures
    6. I would like to cry more, but I can’t
    7. Sometimes I expect the life to become much harder. but it get’s getting better from decade to decade. I’m very thankful of that!
    8. My shoesize is 49
    9. I do things fast, but i often takes too long before I begin
    10. I have no clue what will be in ten years.

  12. 1. I love waffles with fresh peaches! They make my belly smile. 🙂
    2. Making pie crust is very relaxing to me.
    3. My favorite season is Autumn.
    4. I’m a California girl but long to spend time living in Portugal and France.
    5. I dream of owning my own folk art gallery.
    6. I collect poems, quotes, and decorative boxes.
    7. I, too, am obsessed with beautiful journals…and beautiful handwriting.
    8. My favorite animal is the elephant.
    9. I love the scent of patchouli in anything.
    10. I’m a vegetarian…but I eat fish. Shhhh!

  13. 1. i love tea. i love music. i love books.
    2. i’m going to learn how to speak/read/write in french.
    3. i want to train in ballet.
    4. i’m from california and the furthest east i’ve gone is las vegas.
    5. sometimes, i buy myself flowers because it makes me happy.
    6. my dream is travel all around the world.
    7. i would really like to have a european pen pal.
    8. candles are the best.
    9. i can’t wait to study abraod in europe.
    10. i want to be a physician when i’m done with university.

  14. I’m really glad, you told us, that you talk to yourself in english! I always thought I’m the only one who has this weird habit…well, for its not really weird, but you know what I mean 😉 Again: thanks for that, we are definitely not weird, we are creative 🙂

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