MARCH : music.

Hi dear readers, hope you had a great week ! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I feel so lucky to have you.

Today I’m gonna talk about music I’ve loved this month. I feel like this is a great idea to show you what I’m enjoying, etc. It’s still personal but not too much. Eheh.

Let’s begin shall we?
I love a lots of genre of music, the one thing I totally can’t listen at all is “french variety”. I don’t know why but I absolutely despise it. However, I love old french songs : like Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Juliette Gréco etc.

Candice Austen

Ok, so apparently I’m always listening to the same artists if I trust my statistics.
Françoise Hardy is this kind of artist who makes me fell so Parisian, along with the An Education’s OST. It just feels so right walking along the Seine listening to it. My favourite Françoise Hardy song is “Le Temps de l’Amour“, it’s been stuck in my head for a long time now.
Ella Fitzgerald is amazing, her voice, her lyrics, everything about her is magical.
She & Him is one of my favourite band, they always cheer me up ! In the sun is my top one song in the spring !

I also made a playlist called “Paris selon Candy” (Paris according to Candy – Candy is my surname), it’s not finished yet.

01. You’ve Got Me Wrapped – Beth Rowley
02. Le Temps de l’Amour – Françoise Hardy
03. Tout Me Ramene à Toi – Françoise Hardy
04. Je Veux Qu’il Revienne – Françoise Hardy
05. Sous le Ciel de Paris – Juliette Gréco
06. Sur les Quais du Vieux Paris – Juliette Gréco
07. A Sunday Kind of Love – Beth Rowley
08. Je t’aime moi non plus – Gainsbourg & Birkin
09. Elisa – Serge Gainsbourg
10. Ne Me Quitte Pas – Nina Simone
11. The Last Time I Saw Paris – Johnny Hodges
12. Never Let Me Go – Rachel Portman
13. La Javanaise – Madeleine Peyroux
14. Fly Me To The Moon – Julie London
15. Lipsticks – David Carbonara
16. J’ai Deux Amours – Madeleine Peyroux
17. La Chanson des Vieux Amants – Jacques Brel

I don’t know where I should share it with you, if you have any ideas let me know, and if you have requests for an article, tell me !

Have a nice sunny Sunday !

19 thoughts on “MARCH : music.

  1. Lovely choices. Do you have Spotify? On there you can make playlists and share them with friends/people/whomever.
    I absolutely love She & Him. I have their second album and it never fails to make me smile.

  2. I’m looking forward to your playlist 😉 in such a rut with my playlists atm. Weather gorgeous here in UK- need knew music to walk to.
    I saw The Civil Wars live in Manchester last week. Have you listened to them? They’re adorable on stage together (and not together).
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xXx

  3. Oh, wonderful playlist!
    I love the old french songs- I think of Edith Piaf as the French Judy Garland (well, actually the other way round since Judy was younger…) Ca petit coeur (F. Hardy), Valse a Mille Temps (J.Brel) and La Foule (Piaf) make it to the top of my unofficial list 😉 I won’t even get started on She & Him 🙂
    I recommend – I recently joined and it’s fairly easy. It’s also available worldwide (Spotify isn’t yet…)

  4. I know a little of the french variety .. The last ones : Lorie , Pauline … but I love too ancienes french singers like Jeane Mass, Indochine, Julie Pietri, etc. I take note of your preferences so I can heard them… Nice week Candice …!..

  5. I don’t know very many french musicians.. other than Malajube, and “Elsa Lunghini – T’en Va Pas”.. however, these playlist sound very dreamy! I’ll definitely begin listening to these after my insomnia schooldays are over~~

  6. Madeleine Peyroux brings back memories as a child, I’d saved up for her first album for weeks because I adored her accent and voice. Another one of my favourites is Melody Gardot, they’re very similar so I suggest you look her up. 🙂 x

  7. I absolutely love Juliette Greco after watching An Education. I also like some of Carla Bruni’s songs but only the ones she sings in French, not English.

    Your blog is absolutely lovely 🙂

  8. Great playlist! I’d love music recomendations, I’m always searching for artists and songs I don’t know. Also, I’d like to let you know that I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ll post about it tomorrow on my blog. 😉

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