We always get back to the songs we were singing

At any particular time.

I’ve been planning to change the design of the blog for a very long time now, but I didn’t have the time, see I’ve been working like a dog – what is this idiom anyway – and been tired 24/7. I’m feeling a bit better but work isn’t finished yet. Two more weeks to go. So tell me what you think of the design in the comments section, I have some changes to do but I couldn’t wait any longer. Au fait!, don’t forget to join my facebook page if you want updates in your facebook feed.

I’ve been buying a lot of books lately and I also took a lot of pictures, at last. You can thank Ludovic who bought me a pro account on flick, it’s a late gift for my birthday, so it motivated me to take pictures !

Anyway, today I’ll only show you the ones I took with my cellphone, I’ll make a proper post with the real ones later next week.

Pictures of my daily life ..

Sense & Sensibility - Paris Sense & Sensibility - Paris, books
Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Books, Shakespeare and CO Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Books, Shakespeare and CO
Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Books, Shakespeare and CO Sense & Sensibility - Cat
Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Museum Sense & Sensibility - Madeleine
Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Tour Effeil Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Outfit
Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Train Sense & Sensibility - Paris, Train

12 thoughts on “We always get back to the songs we were singing

  1. J’aime beaucoup le nouveau design, je le trouve frais et j’adore le détail des petites cases à remplir pour laisser les commentaires, que c’est chouette! Excellent work, keep going. X

  2. That agenda made me scream a little bit, how perfect! Ugh, I’m aching for a little bit beauty in the city I’m living in. London will always be my heart and head but Paris is just a feast to the eyes, no? (I want to continue the rest of my life in Shakespeare and Company but that’s another story.) x
    I must say I’m loving the theme of your blog by the way!

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