My new (white) bedroom

Sense&Sensibility - Candice
Hi everyone ! Hope you had a blast at Christmas with your family and friends. I don’t have a big family so my parents, my brother and I just stayed home and enjoy a good meal.
My parents offered me a new desk and a new bookshelf, I took some pictures after I cleaned up my room, you can see a part of my book collection; don’t be afraid at the Jane Austen section, plus there are some missing.

Sense&Sensibility - Paul McCartney Sense&Sensibility - Candice Sense&Sensibility - Jane Eyre Sense&Sensibility - Candice Sense&Sensibility - Candice

13 thoughts on “My new (white) bedroom

  1. très très joli et je ne parle même pas du contenu de la bibliothèque (l’anthology des Beatles et un livre sur Mc Cartney quoi de mieux ? :D)
    Ne t’étonnes pas si un jour tu te retrouves cambriolée héhé

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