Book Wishlist – Part II

Poets - Sense and Sensibility

Another wishlist .. however this time it’s all about pocket poetry !

These are from the “Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets” collection. There are more than 60 volumes in total, you can order the whole set for 937$ … yeah it costs a lot; I think I’ll buy some but obviously not all of ’em eh. Had the chance to see them in a bookshop recently and they are so pretty ! I think everyone should at least own a copy of Rimbaud’s work, he’s such a wonderful poet plus he’s French – watch me not being objective. I also adore Keats, Frost, Dickinson, Bronte and of course Hardy ♥ .. Books all the time, the perfect antidote to life.

Poets - Sense and Sensibility
Poets - Sense and Sensibility

6 thoughts on “Book Wishlist – Part II

  1. Ah how cool! I am a sucker for well-designed covers, hehe, so these immediately catch my eye. Apparently the Baudelaire one is the best-translated book of his poetry. Now I want it as well~ Thanks for sharing, dear <3

  2. You remind me of the years I spent in my English degree courses, and … loving it ! I don’t read as much as you do, and that’s such a pity I know ! anyway, i like your selection of books, but i can only judge by the covers. I love book covering, it’s such an interesting art i think !

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