The Calculation

You are my sweetest downfall

Finally posting something more personal ! Last wednesday I turned 21 and had the time of my life with Margaux and Samantha (see what I did here M. ?).

Lately I’ve been quite a dreamer about travelling to East Europe and nordic countries. Perhaps because I listened a lot to Vltava by Smetana, I could see myself walking along the Vltava. I’ve been dreaming about travelling since I was a little girl. I never had the guts to actually go and see the world for myself; but I’m changing. I want to do it. I want to fill my heart with green landscapes, haunted castles in Scotland, rain in Dublin, cold in Budapest, walks in Polska and so much more..

Anyway now I’ve another obsession about piano, I want to learn it and play Regina Spektor’s songs ! It may be real really soon since I got a (two-months) job starting next Friday. I’ve also been dreaming about big changes in my life, like cutting my hair but I think I won’t do it because I’m too scared aha; I’m sure everyone will agree that it’s one of the scariest thing ever.

Have a great week everyone, see you very soon !

5 thoughts on “The Calculation

  1. I love this post! I’ve also been thinking a lot about travelling. And recently these dreams have revived. I’m glad that you mentioned Poland (I’m Polish and very proud of my country :)). And happy birthday to you! Quoting Save Ferris: It sucks to be under 21 😀

  2. Bon soir! 🙂
    I can feel what you mean! It´s time to leave the country,for I haven’t seen much in my life. In my case,France is one of my great aims,because I want to learn to speak french fluently. It won`t be easy,but I think it can work.
    And another thing: cutting the hair. It`s scary, but always in my mind…Do I want a bangs or not? do I want a bangs or not? It seems to be so unimportant in life,but for yourself it`s a high decision.
    So, good luck to fulfill your dreams 🙂
    best wishes et bonne chance

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