Things I’ve Loved Lately

My heart belongs to England


Things I’ve loved lately :

1. Receiving my Dorothy Perkins order. I’ll try to make outfits pictures later; I’m so in love with the one I’m wearing on the picture above.
2. Going to the “So London” exhibit at “Le Bon Marché” with Léa.
3. Going to the cinema. One Day was brilliant. I’m so relieved, I was quite afraid to be disappointed since the book is one of my favourites.

4. Watching Friday Night Lights. Such a brilliant show !
5. Re-reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles

What have you been up to lately ?
Yours truly.

5 thoughts on “Things I’ve Loved Lately

  1. L’affiche de One Day est tellement magnifique ! Je la veux !

    On retournera au Bon Marché et à la Grande Épicerie et on mangera TOUT !

    Bon tu m’as convaincu, je veux faire un blog ^^

  2. I am absolutely besotted with your blog, would it be OK to add it to my blog roll? Must get round to reading One Day, and then to watching it (I never watch the film first if there is a book). xxx

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