Breakfast in America (Paris)

Breakfast in America

A few weeks ago I met with my good friend Margaux. We were wandering in the streets, when we were suddenly attacked by hunger and thirst (two means enemies of mine by the way, especially with the heat there was that day). We were at St-Michel looking for a nice café (kind of bored with Starbucks, I’m always going to Starbucks) and I shout “Well, let’s try Breakfast in America”

Breakfast in America has two restaurants in Paris. We went to the one near Jussieu (17 rue des écoles, 75005 Paris). The waitress that served us was a true American, adorable and took good care of us. Margaux ordered a cheeseburger; as for me I only took a chocolate milkshake (been dying for one since, well, a year at least).

The room is really nice; it feels like you’re in an other dimension, red banquettes, great music (Johnny Cash e.g.). I’ll try to go back there really soon to take more pictures.

If you’re visiting Paris and you’re craving for a good burger: this is the place to go. They have nice offers for lunch and the price are low (menus around 8-10 euro with drinks included).
Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America Breakfast in America Breakfast in America Breakfast in America


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