Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co - June '11

As I promised, an other batch of pictures !

I’ve already took pictures of Shakespeare and Co a year ago or so (you can see them here). But the other day when I was walking in Paris (more especially near St-Michel) with Cosima, I couldn’t help but take pictures of this marvellous bookshop. I think this is one of my favorite spots in Paris, it’s full of books – and most of the time, there’s too many people as well ew – the reading room is so cute. Unfortunately, the light s*cked this day, so my pictures don’t have the nice colors I wanted them to have. Meh.

There’s not a lot of English bookshops in Paris, but the few we have are extraordinary. If you’re visiting Paris, you should DEFINITELY go there !

See you in a few days with a new batch of pictures !

Shakespeare and Co - June '11 Shakespeare and Co - June '11 Shakespeare and Co - June '11 Shakespeare and Co - June '11 Shakespeare and Co - June '11

7 thoughts on “Shakespeare and Co.

  1. When women in general get enthusiastic about shoes and shopping – for me it is books and bookshops <3 I can not walk past one without visiting (if I am not in a real hurry or out of money).
    So, great photos you have here, love the atmosphere.
    greetings 😉

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