And the Oscars for the lack of news

goes to.. Mlle Candice!

So what’s new in my life ? I bought myself two days ago a macbook pro (new generation). Yes, at last, I’m a mac user. I feel so confortable using it, it’s kinda of nice. I never had a laptop before, so as I’m writing, I’m laying on my bed with my cat (Chanel) on my legs. It feels so good.

Apparently I aced my finals last semester. I’m kinda proud of myself, even if I don’t know for sure if being a teacher is such a good thing since France likes to do nasty reforms. We’ll see; I guess it’s just a phase where I’m wondering if I’m making the good choices about my future career. It doesn’t help when people tell me that I should totally work as a freelancer  100% all the time .. I’m so lost right now.

Oh and you know what ?  I’m becoming really, really shallow these days, because I bought a lot of clothes and make-up. Maybe I’ll make a post showing you my last acquisitions, if you want me to.

So what are you up to these days ? Are you glad Spring is almost here?

Lots of love.

(I’ll try to post more now that I can write everytime I want to – but I’m always saying that ah ah )

6 thoughts on “And the Oscars for the lack of news

  1. Oh yes, PLEASE please make a post with pictures of your latest make-up aquisitions XD (shallow you said? not the only one out there I’m afraid 😉 )

    Hey, you know what, for the last month or so, I’ve actually been considering becoming an English teacher (whereas I *always* said that I absolutely didn’t want to do that)… But if I’m considering it, it’s mainly because I have absolutely no carrer plan whatsoever and I’m getting real nervous about it…

    PS: Apple (and MacBooks) ROCK! 🙂

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with your blog recently! ^^; But congrats on switching over to being a mac user! It’s such a clean and user-friendly computer. I’m also in a similar position, debating on whether or not to teach–and for the same reasons! More than that, i eventually want to get my PhD, but going to law school is so much more lucrative and promising; the job market for an English doctorate is pretty much nonexistent. But you will figure it out. See what kind of opportunities come to you doing what you want to do, and if that doesn’t work out, you ARE really talented at web design so you always could freelance.

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