Careless Love

Careless Love

This weekend I stayed home . It wasn’t depressing like it used to be : I watched Funny Face (love that film!),  watched Downton Abbey (period dramas are my guilty pleasures), made websites and listened to jazz while making a wishlist for my birthday (yay in two weeks I’m turning twenty !!).  I got some rest and that’s all I needed to face the amount of stress I’m going to have in the upcoming weeks (exams are b****es don’t you think? Especially when you didn’t have all of your classes because of the strikes .. well that’s France.)

So …  the beginning of the week has been pretty busy. I studied for a Civilization exam, went to the movies, saw friends and yet I had time to make some designs for clients and work on my portfolio. Busy week is busy, that’s why I didn’t post here earlier. Don’t you worry about it I’ve got plenty of ideas for the next posts 😉

As for the blog design, a really good friend of mine (the talented Delphine) is going to make some illustrations that reflect my world and personality. I haven’t a single clue of what she’s going to draw but I know it’s going to be amazing since she’s really talented.  ♥

Love to you all, thanks again for your lovely comments.


Careless Love
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Careless Love

5 thoughts on “Careless Love

  1. No offence, but you French are always bloody striking! And it seems you’re only striking when I’m actually living in my French house and never when I’m in England!
    And Downton Abbey was such a cliffhanger – I want to know what happens between Mary & Matthew!!!

  2. I adore old musicals, especially Fred Astaire. I found out about Funny Face from a friend who happens to love Audrey Hepburn. Musicals are my guilty pleasure. 😉
    I think we might have the same birthday, unless I count wrong. Mines November 24th, so happy early birthday!

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