Some Lessons

September brings changes in my life and beautiful promises. I’m going back to college at the end of the month, hopefully this year will be more rewarding. In the meantime, my life is quite delightful : I spend my afternoons reading, walking in Paris in great company and  I keep thinking about the future & October and its significance . I’ve also been working on some websites that I’ll show you later.

PS: as you can see I’ve changed the header with a beautiful painting of Mlle Hepburn.

8 thoughts on “Some Lessons

  1. Ah, les jolies chaussures 🙂 En tout cas les miennes font leur petit effet, héhé!
    Et sinon, j’adore ton header, j’adore l’écriture et la petite aquarelle (à ce propos, tu fais comment pour dénicher de jolies choses comme celle-là à chaque fois?)
    Bisous sweetie <3

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