Regina Spektor

As a music lover I love to discover new musicians. Singular ones. Last year after the trailer of (500) days of summer has been released I watched it over and over again (so I knew all the dialogs by heart .. yay I know it sounds kinda silly). If you have seen it you know that the song is Us by .. Regina Spektor. I fell instantly in love with her voice, ; so I wanted to know more about this little russian girl. I didn’t think I would fall in love that much.
So at first, I listened to her studio albums, then, I watched some live on youtube. I found out that she covered a Beatles’ song : Real Love, aka one of my favorite song. I was really anxious seing this, but after listening to it, I cried and I shouted : She’s a pure genius. She also covered an other favorite song of mine : No Surprises by Radiohead.
There there, my favorite songs.

5 thoughts on “Regina Spektor

  1. Merci Candice pour ton commentaire 🙂 . Londres c’est quand même génial. J’y suis allée mais avec l’école et j’étais en primaire. J’y retournerai un jour avec plaisir. Mais la Norvège je referais aussi sans doute un jour car en fonction des villes, les paysages changent énormément et j’aimerais en découvrir plus. En tout cas de rien pour ce “mini voyage” ^^ .

  2. Hello! I’m portuguese, don’t know how to speak french (I can only understand when it is written) so I have to write in English, if you don’t mind.
    I just discovered your blog and found it very interesting, so you have a new follower!! I stopped in this post because the music caught my attention and after listening to it, I have to say that I’m in love 🙂

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