Corners of my home

I’ve never been a huge fan of those rainy Sundays, especially when I was in high-school. Sundays meant to do my homework, get to bed early knowing that the following day I’ll have classes, and of course, anxiety. Today I’m on holiday, it’s raining, I’m a little bit bored, and I’m still waiting to be Thursday so I can have sunlight in my heart and see a beautiful smile on the face of my handsome boyfriend. That’s why instead of doing nothing I took my camera and took some pictures of my room; they are quite useless but it kept me busy for at least two hours. On the first one you can see my brand new glassed that I got yesterday. (yes they are Ray Ban ;D)

10 thoughts on “Corners of my home

  1. C’est quand que je vais traîner chez toi avec un thé et nos moleskines? D’ailleurs, je réitère, j’exige un article avec les pages de tes moleskines!
    Btw, babe, c’est “homework” (sans s btw) au lieu de “homewords”. Mais l’erreur est trop mignonne 😀

  2. All those photos you’ve got up look fantastic – I have that picture of Liv Tyler in the red sequin dress from Tatler above my desk both at home and in my room in France!
    Your blog is beautiful by the way, I’m glad I’ve found it and really happy I now have a bilingual blog to read when I’m missing France! Your photos are fantastic, and I love this comments form!

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