Letters to March

Letters to March

Oh, March, there’s something mystical about you that I can’t describe. You are bringing back both Spring and the sun, the birds are chipping even more loudly and people are smiling more often. Folk music never sounded so right, so perfect for me while taking long walks in Paris by myself.
Even though both my heart and head hurt I know that hope’s on the way.

People always want to not feel alone, treating loneliness as a disease, but is it? I get to know myself better and ease my mind, charging up my batteries to be more at peace. Sometimes, healing is much simpler when you’re on your own. Does it make sense?

Here’s to my Saturday morning walks, here’s to dancing in my bedroom. Here’s to a month of self-discovery, of trying to find joy in every little moment and keeping my head above the water.
Letting my wild flower grow within me.

PS: I wrote this article before the terrible events that happened the last week in the world. Hope you’re all safe and sound, if not, sending you love and hugs.

Letters to March

7 thoughts on “Letters to March

  1. <3 nice article! Good luck with growing (sounds kinda weird but I hope you understand what I mean). I think loneliness is only bad when you feel lonely inside, doing things on your own and being independent is really nice.

    1. Hello you! Thank you for your kind words. It’s exactly what you said, if you’re feeling sad about being lonely then… ok. But if you’re enjoying it, people shouldn’t shame you about it, right?!
      Have a good evening! xx

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