Having quiet moments in London

In late October I had the chance to go back to London for the umpteenth time. I’m going to write a little about my trip there.

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On Breaking Down in 2017 and Rising Up in 2018

I feel like it’s tradition to look back on the past year, and witness the changes that happened in our lives. I didn’t want to write about mine because it’s not the brightest recap you could read on the internet, but damn it, why should I not write about a bad experience? It’s as important

Mind + Soul

Gratefulness #3

Currently writing in a coworking café and thinking back about all the things that made me grateful this past month.

Photographs Wanderer

Iceland, saying yes to adventures

On going to Iceland, discovering Nature in a way I’ve never did before and saying yes to unexpected plans.

Saying yes to adventures is something I did quite a lot last year. I used to say no for different kind of reasons, reasons I now despise and regret.